As an up and coming, brand new comic book company, we here at Forge Comics take absolute pride in what we do. From the writing, to the colors, layout and design, we make absolutely certain that what we forge is nothing short than a matter of quality entertainment for people just like us. Whether you’re a geek, a nerd, or you just touch on pop culture ever so lightly? These comics are for you!

Where did you come up with the company name?

Easy. Our hands on (read: magnificent) artist, Gerald Ngau came up with the name after not so much time debating on what we see ourselves as a company. And that is to say: We are a Forge, and our comics are crafted of the finest artistic, integrity and design we could put together. It takes both time and effort to mould comics into a certain level of quality, so needless to say? The name stuck.

Will you be doing any other comics in the future?

Absolutely. Right now while BeastLore continues to rise and flourish, as time marches on we have several ideas in store. In fact, keep an eye out later on for a comic idea Gerald likes to call, “An inventive story, like Batman except put in outer space.” Stay tuned!

How can I support this comic?

We’ll have information about buying physical copies of the comic and other merchandise soon, but in the meantime, please – buy us a Ko-fi so we can continue producing great content!

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