A Non-Lore Post To All Our Fans,

Surprise, and Merry Christmas from Forge Comics! We are back on a regular scheduled program, and will be fleshing out one page a week for you once again! Hooray! We want to take this time to really thank you all for being so patient with us and with our very first online webcomic, BeastLore. We have learned a lot this past year, both good and bad situations that we have taken the time to administer and make notice of for future pretenses. So please, sit back, enjoy the holiday season, and the start of our brand new second issue of Beastlore entitled, “Ride the Lightning”. Each cornerstone issue will have a special title that goes a long with it, and its purpose we won’t directly tell you flat out! You’ll have to figure it out, isn’t that neat! Have the happiest holidays from us here at Forge Comics, to you our dear readers!

– Alex and the FC Team