Not a day goes by, of when I miss our times together. Fighting the Orcs, pushing the Centurion menace back to extinction. Doing all we could for the glory of our King and Country. Since the beginning, I felt there was certainly something more towards you. More than a necromancer, more than an elf with a habit of over-reading. Over-thinking. No, you shone highly above the rest and as others learned about you, your necromancy; they in turn gave you nothing but respect, as I did. As I still do. I don’t know when we’ll meet again, but as I sit here under the quiet gaze of the sun, looking to the horizon of fantastical lights and buildings made of glass, I know that you’re in a better place. My life and the adventure before me begins anew, and yet, I have only you to thank. Rest easy, Duukeau. I will take the charge from here.

– Kamara M. Eskevaldi; Year One, August 24th.

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