“To be quite honest, I had never seen anything like it in the decades of years I’ve spent, traveling this earth. I have witnessed the rise and fall of nations; sapphire lakes and diamond-clear streams of the Elvenwood, meteor showers over the roaring hills of Soh’rhaz and the sleepy, dusty dunes of Khal’arn, slowly illuminated in beautiful glow by the morning sun.

But nothing ever came quite as close as to setting my eyes on the city of Thel’aticrus for the very first time. I ask you: Have you ever bared witness to a physical embodiment of hope and peace? Knowing that, you too could find what you sought if you even merely stepped into its inner walls? My heart breaks, and yet yearns to see such a miraculous discovery once again in this lifetime.

If only. My power only possesses so much, and I have but one mission I must do.”

– From the diary of Duukeau Nightshifter, 2095 AD; Five Years before the Resurrection.